February 15, 2017


Let it go, let it go!


How many times have we all heard those words at this point? 1000? A million? Probably more!

Frozen, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid…pretty much anything that comes out of Disney. These are our own children’s favourite films in the world, full of adventure, filled with magic and all undeniably beautiful.

But what’s the real story?

Look below to find the origins from which we have taken visual inspiration in own Fairy Experience images.

When you strip back the animated magic and catchy tunes, the original stories behind our favourite films are even more beautiful and mysterious.

Snow White – Sneewittchen (The Brothers Grimm)

The story of Snow White in perhaps the most gruesome in comparison to the one we have come to know and love. First published in 1812 it has the witch requesting Snow White’s liver and lungs (as apposed to her heart) – with her planning on serving them up for tea! The morbid end of the tale sees the witch being forced to dance to death in some hot iron shoes. Six inch heels, obviously.  

The Little Mermaid – The Little Mermaid (Hans Christian Anderson)

The tale first published in 1837 tells of a mermaid who, after disparagingly watching her love the prince marry another, is presented a knife with which to kill him. However, she decides against taking such dramatic action, so she has a cup of tea, calms herself down and then proceeds to hurl herself into the sea where she is promptly obliterated into sea foam. #standardValentinesDay

Cinderella – Aschenputtel (The Brothers Grimm)

Undoubtedly a classic and one of the most magical fairy tales of all. But the Grimm version, written in 1812, sees a rather grizzly end for those infamous wicked step sisters. After cutting parts of their feet off in an attempt to trick the prince, their comeuppance is served via pigeon. Mostly by it pecking their eyes out. Eeek! 

FrozenThe Snow Queen (Hans Christian Anderson)

The original 1845 story of The Snow Queen was actually a lot darker than the version of the story depicted by Disney that we have come to know so well. Trolls, strange looking-glasses and even demons are involved – Yikes! However, the illustrations attached to these original tales are staggeringly beautiful.

The Fairy Experience Forrest & Fox

With our magical Fairy Experience, we’ve drawn on and taken inspiration from these illustrations. After all, what’s more magical than having photographs that actually look like they’ve come straight out of a storybook? 

The Fairy Experience – Cardiff 24th – 26th Feb

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