January 13, 2017


Inspired to do a photo shoot with the kids? Want to capture that perfect scene of fun, laughter and joy, but struggling to come up with some wild activity that you just know will make your images stand out?

Well fret no more, for we have the answer!

“…it would be just wonderful to hike through the mountains of Yosemite, but, it’s 6 o’clock,  it’s Sunday and you’re still feeling a little over stuffed from dinner…”

First, I’m sure it would be fantastic to all go out for the day on a family bike ride, laugh, play, have a picnic, but right now its raining, the bikes are at the back of the garage and I’m pretty sure one of them still has a flat tyre you ‘forgot’ to sort out.

I’m also sure it would be just wonderful to hike through the mountains of Yosemite, snapping carefree shots as you go, filled with lush backdrops and a sense of adventure gleaming in the kids’ eyes, but it’s 6 o’clock, it’s Sunday and you’re still feeling a little over stuffed from dinner, let alone ready to take on El Capitan!

Oh and wait…you forgot didn’t you? How could you? The dreaded SUNDAY NIGHT BATH! (dun dun dunnnnn).

But what if…

Well, sometimes, the most mundane tasks make for the best opportunities to make memories, and when the weather is as bad as it is, this is the perfect chance to have some fun indoors!

For children, the simplest things often bring them the most joy and splashing in the tub can set their imaginations into overdrive

  • a fierce pirate
  • a master diver
  • a famous chef
  • or all three!

So lets have a look at what can be captured with just a normal everyday task…..


The excitement begins by helping dad fill up the tub – I wonder what he’s thinking about?

Hmmm…where did all the bubbles go?

Who knew plugs were so mesmerizing?

Curiosity – I wonder what happens if I turn this one…

Excitement, pure joy and a little bit of mischief.

And like that…he’s got the shower head…I mean microphone!

Runny noses don’t matter here

And the best thing about bath time for the grown ups? It’s just a bit of water!

So there we have it…no toys, no gimmicks, no set ups – just every day life.

Who knew a tub full of water could create so much magic?

We just love capturing real moments of childhood – so why not book in for your lifestyle session today, so we can help you to collect memories like these!


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